For the confident, contemporary, discerning woman looking for quiet elegance for her evening wear needs. The label focuses on highlighting a woman’s silhouette using her body to adorn the garments rather than surface embellishments. The creation of timeless pieces remains of paramount importance with the use of the finest fabrics and an emphasis on craftsmanship.

Veda Raheja contrasts the use of sharp lines and brave colors with the complex detailing of geometric hand embroidery. These bold elements are complemented with fabrics sourced locally and internationally.

Veda Raheja began her career as a fashion designer in 2007. She started as an intern in the fashion department at the International monthly magazine Seventeen India for eight months, right after finishing high school. She got her formal education in Fashion Design at the Raffles Design International Institute, Mumbai and graduated in 2011 with the ‘Fashion Forward’ award for Design. After graduating Veda spent the next few years getting as much experience as possible in the different fields of fashion. This involved doing an internship under Bandana Tewari at Vogue India, followed by a stint as a Design Assistant at Shivan & Narresh in Delhi, and then Payal Khandwala in Mumbai. She went on to launch her eponymous label in 2013. She will make her debut at Lakme Fashion Week this March.

Veda Raheja © 2014